Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Summer Getaways every kids should experience #GreatGetaways

My kids are only in preschool but we are already starting our summer traditions. I remember growing up that every summer my family and my aunt's family would all head to the beach for a long weekend. It was great fun! The kids all played in the water and sand, my uncle and dad would people watch off the balcony, my mom and my aunt would go shopping and the whole family would go crabbing! It was great! So of course I want to start the same traditions with my family. So when Alamo and SocialMoms asked what are 5 summer getaways that every kid should experience, my list was already ready.

Since my husband is in the military and deploys again this year we are doing our summer trips early. We're not going to do all 5 on the list this year but it's MY wish list!

1. Go to the beach! My kids went to the beach for the first time last year and LOVED it! We actually ended up going twice, once with daddy and once without. It was great. So I suggest if you live near a beach, then go! You can go for a day or for a weekend. It doesn't matter. Just get out and let the kids enjoy the heat and the water!

2. Aquariums and zoos! Lucikly the state I grew up in had them both so we went not only on family trips but also on field trips with the school. Now that I have kids we're actually back in NC and are even closer to the aquarium and Zoo than when I was growing up. Now this is one of the summer day trips that you works both ways. If it's a nice cool day, go to the zoo. All the animals are out to enjoy the weather. However, if it's a nasty HOT day then go to the aquarium. All the animals are inside! And it's a learning trip either way, especially if you have animal lovers like my son!

3. National or local parks- this is one that is usually a very inexpensive getaway. Most park admissions are free and many of them have guided or self-guided tours. We plan on hitting our local botanical garden lots this summer. And if you check out the websites for the parks you can usually find special activities or camps that the kids can participate in. There are usually more offered during the summer months since kids are out of school.

4. DisneyWorld- My husband just laughs at this one. Next year the kids will be 4 and 3 and I want to take them to DisneyWorld. He thinks they are too young. However, he's NEVER been! I think DisneyWorld is something that everyone can enjoy no matter what age. I remember going with my parents, brother and grandparents. There was a little bit of something for everyone! And there are always great deals on packages, especially for military families. If you're military then check out your local MWR for deals!

5. AND here's my major wishlist one! Cruises!! I've always wanted to go on a cruise. I think it's another one of those trips that is educational for the whole family. First you get to experience living on a ship (even though it's only for a little while) and then you get to visit a new culture and learn all about how they live, what they eat and what they do for fun!

Wow! I love that list! And we're eventually going to do all 5! after writing this it makes me want to start looking for places and booking some reservations! I love getting together with my kids and showing them how fun it is to take family trips and spend some quality time with the ones you love. What about you?? What family trips are you taking this year?
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  1. I love Disney! They do have Shades of Green, but you can't do the Disney meal plan if you stay there :( You'd want to take a double stroller - it's a lot of walking for a four year old. Sorry to hear your hubby's going to re-deploy :( You just got him back.

  2. I would love to take a cruise too!


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