Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I love Samples- USPS Sample Showcase

Sometimes I like to share why I find it worthwhile to sign up for freebies. Sure I don't get every freebie I sign up for and sometimes my husband just doesn't think that the samples I get are worth it. (Although I try to explain to him that I donate or giveaway all the samples we don't use). Last year I signed up for the sample showcase and was chosen to receive one of the boxes full of goodies. This year, they were at it again and I signed up once more and last week I received another great box of samples and coupons. This time it included:
Wisk Detergent
2 packs of coffeemate
GUM tooth picks
Secret Clinical strength deodorant
$1.50 off coupon for starbucks via pack
$.55 off coupon for GUM Tooth picks

What  a great pack. It's not as big as the last box but it was still totally worth it. And guess what? It's still avaialble. So head on over HERE to sign up and see if you qualify. Hint, if you live near me then I would say that is a yes...hehehe.

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