Friday, April 22, 2011

We Have GRASS!

I know lots of my readers know that we recently moved to a new house and we love it. However, no matter how many pictures of my front yard I put up, I never put any of the backyard up! Why? We didn't have grass! We live in a new development in the sandhills of NC and believe me, sandhills is no joke. Our backyard is SAND! When the wind blows, so does the sand. It stings when it hits you and it gets in your hair and eyes. when the kids are playing and they fall, they immediately get sand burned (the equivalent to road rash). We were getting so tired of injuries that we just HAD to do something! So what did we do?

We got SOD! Yes, this process took about 4 hours and now we have grass! Check it out:


  1. Awesome! Green grass for Easter! There are some homes in our neighborhood that had sod and there lawn looks 10x better than my regular old weedy lawn. :)


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