Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: HOP the movie game for Nintendo DS

OK I know I'm a day late for this one! I meant to have it scheduled to post for yesterday! OOps! However, my kids just watched this movie and love it so it was the perfect time for them to play with the game! Read below to learn more about the game and then my take on this fun new game. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you can still check out the game. It's one of those that anyone in the family can enjoy!

Hop: The Movie Game is a top-down action adventure game that brings many of the locations and characters from the movie to life in an interactive and entertaining setting that’s perfect for gamers of all ages! The game is based on Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming live action/CG animated comedy Hop, which opens in theaters on April 1, 2011.

Play as Fred as you help the Easter Bunny’s teenage son, E.B., save Easter from a fluffy coup d’etat led by Carlos and his fellow chick workers! Hop your way through the Easter Bunny’s top-secret candy factory on Easter Island, solve puzzles and sugar shock your enemies as you turn them into delicious chocolate treats. Play through various mini-games and game modes, including helping E.B. realize his dream of becoming a famous rock-’n’-roll drummer!
Hop: The Movie Game Features Include:
  • Wacky weapons, including chocolate super soakers, gumball shooters and cotton candy cannons;
  • Play through actual locations from the film, including Hollywood and Easter Island;
  • Tons of mini-games, including Whack-a-Bunny, Bowling for Candy and the epic Easter Egg Hunt.

My Take:
I was so excited to get this game in the mail. It is my first DS game! What was an even bigger surprise is the cute little HOP Easter basket stuffer that came with it (see pic below):

Now, I have to admit, the Nintendo DS is something new for me! this is the first time I've ever actually even played with a DS. It's a new toy for my kids. However, after playing this game I think I might have to get my own! It was super fun to go on the search for Easter eggs and to see the characters from the movie. Now I must admit I wasn't that great at the game, (it was a little difficult for me to learn how to use the touch screen and the keys (way different than the but our neighbor kids were awesome at it! I let the kids play it on Easter and they loved it! I think with a little practice I will be a lot better. The graphics are super cute and the characters look just like the people in the movie! It was a real shock for me...hehehe.

So far I'm stuck on the beginning level but as you progress on you can play games like Whack-a-Bunny and Bowling for Candy. I can't wait to get to those. I just wish they made it easier so that you could choose what type of game you wanted to play. I really wanted to try out the Whack a bunny! =( So if you want a fun after Easter game to keep the spirit of the Egg Hunt alive I suggest you try our HOP for the Nintendo DS. 

Buy it: You can purchase this game at most retailers nationwide for the SRP of $29.99. For more information regarding Hop: The Movie Game for 505 Games, please visit

Disclosure: This game was provided to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own.  I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.

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