Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of those days!

So yesterday was one of those days! I was really planning on working on my blog and getting lots done around the house (including grocery shopping). However, my kids weren't on the same page as me. We struggled throughout the day with one being clingy and one being accident prone. I think she fell and got hurt about 4 times. Then to top it all off we decide to go buy a steam cleaner. Right before we leave the house, I put my knee on the seat of our dining room chairs that we upholstered just to have a nail or something go straight through my skin. Yes, I'm in awful pain and I think I hit a nerve. Needless to say I was out for the count last night!

Today I'm up and in pain but I have some blogging that just has to be done!! First, if you followed me from the blog hop yesterday, I'll be running around checking out your blogs and following you back. Second, I'll be picking the rest of the giveaway winners! Third, I'll be trying to get up a post about the awful tornadoes we had hit around here on Saturday which left us without power for 19 hours. And finally I have a review and a giveaway that I just HAVE to get up!

Until then don't forget about the $20 credit to Rue La La. You get it just for signing up! then you have until May 25, 2011 to use it! I'll keep an eye out for good deals! Just head on over HERE to sign up!


  1. Yikes...I have those days from time to time. The last one I hit my nose with the corner of the car door and gashed it...

    BTW do you have twitter?

  2. NM just say a tweet! It's hard to actually follow everyone on there...


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