Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mommy Wants it All- Interview with Sean Kanan

Now what better way to start off my Mother's Day Event than with an interview with a sexy soap star?!? I'm a super big fan of the Young and the Restless (been watching it since I was born) so when I was asked to post this interview with one of their sexy lead males I said of course! That actor is Mr. Sean Kanan, aka Deacon Sharpe, started on The Bold and the Beautiful then moved on over to the Young and the Restless. For those TRUE soap fans you would also know him as AJ Quartermaine from General Hospital. (Yes I even watched him then...hehehe). BUT, If you're not a soap fan you might remember him from the Karate Kid III.

This interview comes from a company I have worked with a few times, It's a Glam Thing. They asked Sean for his take on women and beauty products. Read more below:

Q. What physical feature of a woman are you most attracted to?
A. The first think I look at in a woman is her eyes.  The eyes are the gateway to the mind.  You can tell so much about a woman's confidence and personality by looking into her eyes.  Don't get me wrong, I am a man so I very quickly look at her body too!

Q. What's your favorite scent for a woman?  What's your favorite scent for a man?
A. My favorite scent for a woman is anything clean and fresh.  My girlfriend tried a scent the other day called Soulgasm.  The name is “far out” but she smelled really great!  For a man, I like to wear Gucci by Gucci. 

Q. We know that on set, you and your fellow actors are styled with the best designer outfits. Tell us who your favorite designer is and why.
A. My new favorite designer is Alexander McQueen.  He recently died but his clothes have a great attention to detail.  His suits are also cut and tailored to my body type.  I really like Prada but they are tailored for more thin guys.  I also like Gucci and I have a lot of Gucci suits. 

Q. Actors sport the newest trendiest hair styles. On a casual Saturday, away from work, how do you best like to wear your hair?
A. If I am not on set having someone fuss over my hair, I don't like to bother with it.  At home and on the weekends, I throw a little water in my hair, slick the sides with my hands and forget it.  So much of my life is having to be coiffed on screen so if I don't have to be on screen, I don't really care. 

Q. What would you rather kiss, lipstick or lip gloss?
A. Neither.  I can't stand either one.  They both look nice on a woman's lips but they have an oily taste that I can't stand.  I like to kiss natural nude lips. 

Q. Would you consider your own line of jewelry, fashion or accessory?  If so, what would the line consist of?
A. Yeah, sure. It would be a watch.  I am not real big on wearing jewelry except for a watch.  I think a watch is something all men should wear. Most people use cell phones now a days to tell the time so the watch has really become a piece of jewelry and not a time piece for many men.  I would sell a watch or perhaps cufflinks.  I wear a lot of French cuff shirts so I really like cufflinks.  

Q. What are your all time favorite beauty and grooming products?
A. One product I really like is dry shampoo.  It comes in various brands.  I use it when my hair is greasy and I don't have time to wash it.  It is like a spray powder and it makes your hair look dry and washed.  I am also obsessed with the round Noxzema Pads.  I probably use them at least three times a day to clean my face.  I also use a lot of really great skin care lines for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing my face.  I really like a line called Skin 2 Skin Care.  Among many good products they have a nice White Tea Face Wash.  Another line I like is called Système 41. They have a nice Rejuvenating Masque that works great on my face. 

Photo credit: Russell Baer

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  1. Sean looks so good! I love knowing what he looks for in a woman and his thoughts on beauty & grooming. We love your content always.


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