Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LIttle Switches that can make a Big Difference

I am a creature of habit. I do the same thing almost every day and sometimes it can be hard for my to switch up. However, I know that change can be good and being in a military family it's something you have to get used to. I've also learned that it's better to start slow with little changes. Why, because little changes can actually make a big difference!!

So how do I know that little changes can make a big difference? What small changes have I done that make a big difference. Well, let me share.

First, I've learned that it is okay to shop for myself once in awhile. Since I've had kids I never do anything for myself. Instead the kids come first and I usually never make it to me. Oh well, is usually the way I think. However, it never hurts to think about yourself every now and then. I try to do one thing for myself each month. I might get my hair done, buy a new dress or jeans or even go to Starbucks by myself. These little things can really brighten my day and actually refresh me! Amazing I know...LOL

Second, and this is a new one we are trying out. Hourly daycare! I stay at home with the kids full time but now my husband and I are realizing that we don't have much time alone. He is going to deploy again this year for 6 months and time is speeding by. We finally realized that getting our kids into a daycare for a few hours a week would open up some much needed  "us" time. We can do lunch, go to the movies, or even just sit at home and watch TV or spend quality time together!

Third, my goal last year was to become more eco-friendly. Now when you grew up in a family that wasn't eco-conscious don't even think about trying to go cold turkey and become eco-friendly. Instead do a little at a time. We started with recycling. A lot of recycling programs now don't even require you to sort your recyclables. You just put them in one big bin. So that's the way we started. And now, since we are so used to recycling we now separate everything to make it easier for the trash collectors. We also waited until CFL light bulbs were on a special sale, then we stocked up and slowly changed each light bulb room by room until now we have all eco-friendly light bulbs! Our next goal is to save water. We're trying to use less when showering, wash less clothes, and use the dishwasher less. So far this is my trouble spot but I'm still working on it. All these little changes are really saving us money and saving us money not only makes me happy but my husband happy. It also cuts down on the arguments we have over our finances. Instead of discussing why we haven't saved money, we discuss the easy changes we are making that ARE saving us money!

So there's my list. What small changes have you done that makes a difference for the better in your life? I would love to hear them!! It's amazing how these little things can actually make your family stronger and happier. Like they say, "Happy wife, Happy life"...hehehe!

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