Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I used to be the queen of entering giveaways, well until I got more invested into my own blog and I just don't have time to enter many giveaways or contests. Well, I love It's and lately they have been having some really cute and easy giveaways to enter. For example, for the month of March they had a giveaway for a $10 GC to that was awarded to 200 people! All you had to do was enter your email. Well, I was perusing the winner's list today and guess what I saw? That's right! My name! I won! I guess my whole point is that it is totally worth it to enter these simple giveaways! As a matter of fact It's Thoughtful is having another giveaway starting today for a $5 target card. I'm not sure how many people will win bu I will keep you updated.

And don't forget about my sweepstakes list found under the tab in my menu bar. There are a ton of daily sweepstakes to enter and I've won a few small things from then. The word is to try and set aside about an hour late at night or early in the morning and enter them all. apparently, less people are playing then and you have a better chance of winning! Let me know if you win something!


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