Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fill Your Easter Basket with #MurphyUSA

Now this was an exciting opportunity. I was picked to visit a local gas station, MurphyUSA and get some goodies to put in our Easter baskets. Now when I signed up for this campaign I totally forgot that I had moved and now lived 30 minutes from our MurphyUSA instead of 10 minutes away like we used to. In fact, it was our gas station of choice simply because the gas was always cheapest there.

So I made my list:
  • easter grass
  • jelly beans
  • candy
jumped in the car and headed on over to the gas station. When I pulled up I was in shock. I have been to this gas station multiple times but it wasn't until this visit that I noticed everything was outside! DUH!
 So I went on around, I didn't need any gas and after seeing the price $3.71 I sure wasn't getting any. Not to mention there was a super long line there. I must say I was disappointed in what I saw. Sure there were drinks, candy and snacks but not your typical Easter Basket stuff. However, I did see this sign that caught my attention!

So I picked up a few things. Ok Then I picked up a few more:
I was happy with the prices of the items. They were a decent price for gas stations but for a bargain shopper like me I felt I could have found the same items for cheaper. (I should have looked for some coupons but I'm not sure if they would have accepted them). I was also upset that I couldn't find the jelly beans that I wanted.  I think I was just really expecting more. However, if you want to make an Easter basket full of goodies for bigger kids then I might have had more luck. There were lots of sports drinks and sodas on sale, along with mints and gum. Too bad my two and three year old aren't quite ready for that. They are more into the toys which I didn't see any of.

So I hopped into my car and left. Did I mention it was super packed anyway and people were wondering what I was doing with my phone taking pictures at the gas station...hehehe.  When I got home, a few days later I made up my Easter Basket and then forgot to take pictures of it until Easter morning. As you can see some little hands had already found it and started to explore before I grabbed it up to take a pic:
Overall I had fun visiting one of my favorite gas stations (made me sad to know how far away we are now) and I was surprised to see how wrong I was about the setup of the store. Either way, it didn't effect the outcome of our Easter basket. MurphyUSA actually helped to enhance it!

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Disclosure: This blog post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and MurphyUSA. The ideas and opinions are my own. 

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