Friday, April 15, 2011

EXTREME couponing??

so we all know that Extreme Couponing was on Wednesday night on TLC. Unfortunately I missed it but thanks to the DVR gods I was able to watch it yesterday. Now this week I must say that things were a little better. I still don't see the purpose of all that toothpaste or buying things that your family won't use but I do understand creating care packages for our troops and getting a good deal on food for parties. I guess after eating all that food at the party the guests would be pleased to know there was plenty of Maalox in case they needed it...hehehe.

Yet, we all know that lots of this is done for TV. I don't know a store around here that would wait, let me call my friends and then do all those transactions just so I could use the $10 off coupon. Yeah right! Or a cashier that would be polite enough to wait for me to do 18 transactions! HAHA! I'm lucky to be allowed to do 2 or 3 before the cashier or the people behind me get an attitude.

So how do you coupon effectively? And how do you know that you are doing it legally? Well, I'm not a BIG couponer but I do love coupons and I do love sharing those coupons with my readers. As I researched around yesterday I found a few resources that can help you with couponing. I think I'm going to start sharing one resource each week. I figure this week I will start with an article from my friends over at A Full Cup. A Full Cup is dedicated to helping you learn how to coupon, find coupons and shares all the great places to print your online coupons!!  The article is all about What they don't tell you about couponing on Extreme Couponing. It's a great look at what you need to know before your start your adventures in saving big with coupons. Here's a little taste of what you will learn:

Free Groceries Aren’t “Free”
It costs couponers more than the $100 for that $2,000 in groceries. In addition to the time investment, many use clipping services which do charge a fee per coupon. That $2,000 grocery shopping trip could cost them as much as 50 cents per coupon but as little as 2 cents. Lets say they got 1,000 items for $2,000. If they paid 10 cents a coupon for 1,000 items that’s an additional 100 dollars in expense. So really it was $200 spent out-of-pocket. Sure, that’s still amazing, but it costs twice as much as what you see on the show.

Extremely Entertaining
The Show is EXTREME couponing…. This isn’t about Saving Sally going to the store and getting $100 in groceries for $55… thats not exciting TV… But that would be exciting for you if you’re trying to budget for your family and pinch pennies. You don’t have to coupon to the extreme to get the savings you need to make the most of your budget.

And if that has you interested then head on over to A Full Cup and read more!! I know it confirmed some of the things that I was already thinking and I'm sure you were too! =)

Stay tuned next week and I will share some great places to find coupons. And check out my next few posts with some great coupons for you to print out now thanks to some of my great blogging friends and some of my own research!!

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