Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read it First: New Book

This looked like a really cool book from Read it First so I just thought I would share. I hope I get this one!

by Stacey Lannert
An unthinkable story. An inspiring memoir. On July 4, 1990, eighteen-year-old Stacey Lannert shot and killed her father, who had been sexually abusing her since she was eight. Missouri state law, a disbelieving prosecutor, and Stacey?s own fragile psyche conspired against her: She was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole. "When I decided to look," Stacey writes, "I found more love and compassion than I ever imagined existed. Most significantly, I found forgiveness. I might even call it redemption."

Go HERE to enter! And let me know if you actually get this one! The whole deal with this program is you sign up for a chance to win the book for free. They ship it to you, you read it, and then you pass it on to a friend, library or wherever!So far I've never won but I would love to know if you do!


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