Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first sample share from Crowdtap!

Yes, I'm a member of this awesome site called Crowdtap! I think one of my friend's from Pitch it to Me introduced it to me. This site is great. You answer short surveys, one sentence questions, share your thoughts and opinions in forums and even get to try out new products! It's awesome!

 As a member of crowdtap you get points for participating in the polls/surveys and the forums. Once you get to a certain level you are able to participate in sample shares...if you qualify. A sample share is where you are sent a product (along with some to share with friends), you try it out, and then you report back to the forum. It's kind of like being a Bzz Agent.

Well lucky me, I qualified for the awesome Old Navy sample share for the new Ankle jeans! I was so super excited. I was sent a coupon for a free pair of jeans (which cost $35) along with three coupons to share with friends. I was so excited to go get mine! However, I didn't sign up until later in the program so by the time I was accepted I only had a week to get my jeans and write my report (which is due tomorrow)! I get to the store and these jeans are so super popular there was only one left in my size! But they are super cute and I love, love; love them. They fit great because they are that famous Old Navy stretch material that all women should love! There are only two things I don't like about the particular style I had to buy. One, it's too tight around my calves. They are supposed to be but I just need to wear them in. I'm more of a relaxed fit girl (but they were out of my size). Two, they were too low rise for me. Sorry, I'm a mom of two still trying to lose all of my weight so I don't need to show my big butt to anyone...LOL. Once again this was simply because they were out of the relaxed fit. Overall impressions, Love them! I just need to wait until they get the relaxed fit in so I can go and buy some more.

These are similar to the ones I got! You can't really tell from the pic

BTW- check out this pic of everything else I bought when I was there. I got all of this for less than $55! I love Old Navy!! Yes, that's a hoodie for me, black jeans for me, a clearance t-shirt for me, the awesome ankle jeans (don't you love that cuff) and a hoodie for my daughter! What a great deal!

So if you want the chance to take part in cool sample shares, voice your opinion, and even earn a little extra dough (along with donating some to cool charities) then go HERE and sign up to be a member of Crowdtap. You won't regret it! Trust Me!

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  1. wow I am jealous! I'm more than halfway to gold and no samples for me still :o(

    great finds!


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