Friday, March 4, 2011

UPDATE!! Join Totsy and get a discount!

latest update from Totsy says: Last minute message: our last promotional campaign that was intended for a select audience of our long-time members was unintentionally exposed to the general public.
This promotion has now been restored and will only work for members who received an email directly from Totsy containing a promocode.
I did not know this. However, when I checked my account my order was still there. We'll see if it ships. Oh well! Sorry for sharing.
Right now if you join Totsy, another lovely deal a day site and use the code 15CREDIT during checkout then you can score some free or almost free items! The code will get you $15 off $15 and yes you can use it towards shipping! They have some really cool sales going on right now!! Check out some of the stores below! 

Ed Hardy
Playful Chefs

Nouvell2s images

green Sprouts

So if you want to get in on these deals and save lots of money then head on over HERE and sign up. I just ordered some cute decals for the kids' bathroom for $1.20!

Totsy has brand-specific sales, up to 70% off retail prices, just for you and the kids, ages 0-7. All sales start at 9 PM (EST), last 48 to 72 hours, and always feature amazing deals from quality, luxury, and designer brands. 

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