Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help Japan and get 50 Swagbucks for new members!

As many of you are no doubt aware, Swagbucks is currently taking SB donations to aid in relief efforts for Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit them two weeks ago. They are going to continue to collect Swag Bucks until Friday the 8th of April at 12pm PDT.  If you want to donate some of your swagbucks then go HERE.I just went and donated some of mine!

And as an extra incentive, any person who signs up for a new swagbucks account will get an extra 50 swagbucks on top of the normal 30 swagbucks you get for registering! Just use the code: HelpJapan when you register. If you don't know about Swagbucks then check out my post HERE. This code is active now and expires at 11am PDT on Friday, April 8th. So go sign up now!

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