Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Family, Happy Mommy!

My husband loves to say, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". I agree completely. I would even take that a step farther. Happy Family, Happy Mommy. There is so much we as moms do to keep our families happy and in turn keeps us happy too! That's why I'm thrilled that Social Moms and Farm Rich wants to know what I do to keep my family happy.

Well, first, you need to put me on a limit with this one. I could write about this forever. Right now, my kids are only 2 and 3 so it doesn't take much to make them happy. All I have to do is feed them, clean them and play with them...LOL. OK I'm just kidding. Here's what really makes my family happy:
  1. Finding new activities for the kids to do. My kids are so curious and inquisitive so they love it when I bring out a new game or a new craft for them to participate in. They are both at the age where they want to be independent so even if it is something new they like to do it all by theirselves. I guess that should be my number 2.
  2. Allowing my children to show their independence. This includes feeding themselves, dressing themselves, letting them help with cooking and cleaning. Now with those last two, we all know how hard it is to let a two or three year old "help" you clean. It just doubles your work. However, if it makes them happy, then I can't help but smile. 
  3. Now I can't leave out my husband. It doesn't take too much to make him happy either. All I have to do is promise to help him with his hobbies. Now, don't get me wrong. His hobbies are home improvement. As a matter of fact he just built an awesome shed in our backyard. All it took to make him happy is for me to hold up some wood, do some measuring and use the power tools! Ok granted, that is another one where not only was Daddy happy but so was mommy. Gotta love those power tools. 
  4. And finally, I have to add this one in, I just had to stop typing a few moments ago. My daughter was playing upstairs with her brothers and her fingers got smashed in the door. My husband carries her down as she cries, "Mama, Mama". All she wanted was for me to get her the teddy bear ice pack and let her sit on my lap. In all of one minute, she stopped crying and said, "mama help me feel better". Wow! That just melts my heart. 

So yes, it's the little things. Sometimes I don't even realize how much the little things mean. Like I took the trash out and my husband was thrilled because he didn't have to do it. See, I just can't stop thinking of examples. I'm sure you have plenty of things that you do to keep your family happy and of course I want to hear them. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what makes your family happy! =)

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