Monday, March 28, 2011

Got Ink?

Just like everyone else in America we have a printer. Unlike everyone else in America, my husband is taking online college courses and this particular course he is taking now, had the print idea to post the entire textbook online for the students to use. My husband is very tactile so he needs to be able to physically have something in his hands to read. SO what does he do? He prints out all the sections of the books he needs to read and we RUN OUT OF INK! No coupon printing for me!

So what do you do? Well if you need Canon printer ink or any other printer ink then I suggest you check out Ink Personally, I don't use Canon ink cartridges, so we buy our ink at Staples. We also recycle ink there too. However, as quickly as my husband is going through ink then I might need to consider an option like Ink Grabber. You simply choose your printer, and then all the available cartridges are listed. Pick what you need, put it in your cart, and then buy it! The prices are really reasonable! Right now they have an awesome spring coupon for 10% off of $55 when you use the code SUNSHINE10 at checkout! Not bad if you ask me!

You know after writing this I just realized I still need to go out and get some ink. There are some great coupons that just came out and I really need to go print them so I can make a grocery store run later this week. So I'm off to make my husband go to the store...hehehe. Darn it would be nice to have a machine that used Canon ink right about now...LOL. Actually, I might just have to stop on over at later and see what I can find! =)

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