Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Angry Birds?

Why yes, it's true. I write on my Facebook page that my husband is obsessed with the app Angry Birds and now that's all I see. Every where I go there is a reference to this game that I didn't even know existed until I downloaded it to my phone! And I must say, it is addictive. So what kind of girl would I be if I didn't let you get in on the fun?!? I have two great ways that you can get Angry Birds, the game, for free!

First, for those of you out there without a smart phone that can handle this app (like my husband who constantly uses my phone to play the game), I found a great way for you to enjoy Angry Birds on your own computer. Now I was checking through my blog newsletters and found this great link shared by my friend Chris over at Freebies and Much More. They shared a free way to download this game to your very own computer. (And yes it's free and it does work...just ask my husband). Just head over HERE, download Intel AppUp, register your program and then you will find Angry Birds in your My apps section. You just click on it, download it and begin playing. It's really a simple process to get all this for fun!

Second, today I got an email from Amazon about their new AppStore for Android. Now I don't know too much about this AppStore but I'm a big Amazon Fan. This is what my email said,
"Dear Amazon.com Customer,Customers who recently shopped for or browsed via their Android devices might be interested in knowing that the Amazon Appstore for Android is now open. To celebrate, we're offering the 99-cent version of Angry Birds Rio free for a limited time. We'll have a regularly paid app available for free every day."
I figured it was worth the try. I already have Angry Birds Rio on my phone but I can't wait to see what the app for tomorrow is! I just hope I don't use up all the space on my phone! These are only avaiable for a limited time. I just looked and there are only 12 hours left for you to download Angry Birds for free. So Hurry on over HERE if you want to try it out! (You will have to download the Amazon Appstore Application to your phone in order to purchase the apps. Detailed instructions can be found HERE.)

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  1. Agreed! My hubby loves that game and plays it all the time! He wants to upgrade and I keep telling him that i'm not paying for it when he can play it for free!!


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