Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Thursdays with Kindle!

Yes I know, that's a rip off of Tuesdays with Morrie. I just thought it sounded cute. Anyways, if you have me as a Facebook friend then you know that I got a Kindle as a gift from my husband (if you're not a friend then just click on the box on the left side of this page and become one!) and if you read my blog then you know I'm all about deals! That's why I was super excited to find out that my friend Sharon, has an awesome site called Pixel of Ink where she shares the latest free and bargain Kindle book downloads available from Amazon.

Of course I've been checking her site out as much as I can and I have a few friends with Kindles so I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite FREE downloads I find on her site. Now here's the catch: I'm all about full books, I don't like to read excerpts so I'm only sharing my favorite full downloads. However, I will always include a link to the post where I found all the free downloads at the bottom of my weekly post! Hope you enjoy!

Countdown (pre-order)
will release on March 1, 2011
Author: Jonathan Maberry

Countdown: A Joe Ledger Bonus Story
 “I didn’t plan to kill anyone. I wasn’t totally against the idea, either. Sometimes things just fall that way, and either you roll with it or it rolls over you. Letting the bad guys win isn’t how I roll.”
 Meet Joe Ledger, Baltimore PD, attached to a Homeland task force… whose about to get a serious promotion.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

Author: Kerrelyn Sparks 

Kerrelyn Sparks introduces readers to a demon world that is curiously parallel to the human world. There are vampire cable channels that feature talks shows, soap operas and a celebrity magazine called Live! With the Undead. But as a human female crosses boundaries into this new reality, the results can be dangerous and hilarious ...
And, for a limited time with this FREE ebook, get an exclusive sneak peek at Kerrelyn's forthcoming novel, Vampire Mine, available March 29th.

Author: Laurel Dewey

Here is the gut-wrenching, heartrending story of hard-bitten Denver homicide detective Jane Perry and nine-year-old Emily Lawrence. Emily has witnessed the murder of her parents ? murders authorities believe have ties to a larger wave of crime. But Emily can't recall a thing about the killings. When the murderers come after Emily, Jane's boss sends the two of them to a remote town in Colorado. There, Jane, who doesn't have a maternal bone in her body, must pose as Emily's mother and serve as her protector. At the same time, she needs to help Emily slowly remember the devastating event without traumatizing her further. And while she does so, the killer is closing in . . . .Protector marks the debut of Jane Perry, an immensely flawed, utterly sympathetic character. She will shock you, confound you, astonish you, and ultimately grip your soul. 

 Squide: Little Elf, Big Trouble
Author: Andrew Thomas

Who ever heard of an elf saving Christmas?

Squidge is a little elf who wants to do what the bigger elves do. When he takes matters into his own hands and causes a disaster in Santa's workshop, Squidge runs away... and ends up going further than he would ever have dreamt. Can such a little elf save Santa and Christmas? 

Of course there are plenty more free Kindle downloads out there but if you're lazy like me you don't have time to search for them. So if you want to check out the latest then visit: Pixel of Ink also on Facebook HERE. I'll try to weekly post my favorites. 

BTW- I also got a new phone and found out that it (HTC Evo) also has a Kindle app where I can read my Kindle books on it. Loving it!!!   


  1. Thanks for all the links & book suggestions! I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been downloading as much free stuff as I can find, but have splurged on a few books I really had to read right away, too!

  2. Wow Emmi!

    Thank you so much for sharing Pixel of Ink with your readers!! :-)


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