Tuesday, January 11, 2011

About Disney Movie Rewards and a code!

Here's the latest Disney Movie Reward code from the Newsletter in case you need it. I sometimes delete my email and forget and now they are getting a little tricky with hiding them...LOL


I know I've talked about Disney Movie Rewards before. I try to share codes as much as I can and I'll tell you why it's totally worth it in just a second. But first here's a little bit more about Disney Movie Rewards!

First Collect Points from:

Second: Join Disney Movie Rewards. You can set up an account HERE!

Third: Enter codes found on special inserts in DVD and blu-ray cases. With the theatrical movies you have to take a photo of the ticket stub and upload it in order to receive points. CDs have to be inserted into the computer to get the special code. On your homepage you will see an area that says enter magic code. Enter your code there to get points.

Fourth: Use those codes to pick out awesome rewards from the reward catalog!

These were so popular they are already out of the Princess ones and I just ordered mine on Nov. 21st!!!

Now here's my story. When I first joined Disney Movie Rewards I saw an awesome prize in the reward catalog. It was a Disney Princess Scooter and I just knew my little one would love it. BUT you needed a ton of points. So I hunted up all of our old Disney movies and entered the codes (yes you can enter codes from old movies), followed them on Facebook and Twitter (they occasionally release codes on both),  and joined the newsletter (you get a code in each monthly newsletter). I was getting so close and then they took the scooter off the list!!! Well, I just posted a code a few days ago and I entered it in my account. I decided I should check out the rewards and guess what??? The scooter was back and I had enough points!!! So now my daughter is going to have an awesome birthday gift! These are selling for $38.99 on Amazon. And I got it for F-R-E-E! Shipping is even included! So now do you think you should join. I say you should. Go HERE to sign up now. And remember I try to post extra/bonus codes whenever I see them!

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