Monday, December 6, 2010

*DEAD DEAL*Pens super cheap at Staples!!!

UPDATE: Just had to call and cancel my order because so many people were ordering this deal that they ran out of the pens and I didn't want just the filler item delivered! They were really nice though! I hate when people abuse the system! Oh well! if you got the deal then Awesome!

 Staples: 6 Dozen Paper Mate Pens Nearly Free
Here is a HOT deal at Staples. You can get 6 Dozen Paper Mate Pens for only $.39 at Staples. Here is how you do it. I followed these instructions from Mojo Savings but we were out of the core filler at my store so I had to get the plastic tape dispenser. However, my total was still only $1.07 for 6 dozen pens. Follow these instructions exactly. And I do suggest hurrying  because this deal is showing up everywhere!
  1. Add only 3 QUANTITY of the black pens to your cart
  2. Add only 3 QUANTITY of the blue pens to your cart.
  3. Add 1 QUANTITY of the tape core filler. (this is your filler item) I had to substitute with another filler.
  4. Choose in-store pickup.
  5. Check out
  6. Total =$0.39 my total was= $1.07
These are normally $3.74 per dozen. So, this is over $22 worth of Paper Mate Pens for just $.39 Total OOP or $1.07 depending on where you live and taxes. Be sure that you don't take advantage of this deal. It has been said people were ordering tons of pens but then there was nothing left for others. So only get what you need!

Thanks Mojo Savings!

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