Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Day to Enter Totally Inappropriate Greeting Cards!

OK, I have to admit it! I used to be the biggest Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. It was because of all the Christmas stress! I'd have tons of shopping to do (I hate buying gifts...thank goodness for gift cards) and then on top of that I would get a ton of cards! And sorry, the cards were on the last of my list! Now, I know I've admitted before that although I'm a mommy, I'm not perfect! Yes, I know that's hard to believe! I have a potty mouth but I just know when not to use it! And lots of my friends are the same way. That's why I was excited to do a review for Totally Inappropriate Greeting Cards!

OMGseriously is an etsy store (oh how I love Etsy) full of wonderfully, sassy greeting cards. I mean just look at their banner above. Full of sass and I love it! The creator of these cards is Ms. Tiffany Ard also creator of Nerdy Baby (art, gifts, and nursery decor for very young scientists and author of the blog Electric boogaloo. Tiffany considers herself a nerd at heart. Just check out her bio:
My name is Tiffany Ard. I'm a big nerd who was tragically born with a creative brain.
This combination works well in corporate America. For fourteen years I specialized in organizing technical information for persuasive corporate communication. I spent a lot of days in windowless conference rooms arguing passionately about the precise wording of things that were going to be used to train people on how to sell software, even though I knew that the software was only ever going to be used internally by people working for a company that made software that was used by another company that made mainframe computers which were used by banks to keep track of money that was used by other banks.

I didn't notice that this was stupid until my first son was born in 2003.

Everything is better now. I work for myself. I draw pictures of microscopes and laws of planetary motion while my two little boys pour paint all over the floor of my tiny studio. We go to the post office twice a week to send artwork to nerds all over the world.

Now on to those cards. There are 5 awesome stamped holiday cards that Tiffany has created. I wanted to post them all on her but I am family friendly and these cards might have what some call "bad" language. However, if you read them, that language will keep you laughing for hours! Just check out this card:

My Take: If you are sarcastic like me then I know you are rolling on the floor after reading the card above. Well, that's the way all the cards are. My girl friends and I are always making fun of each other and there is one that is a perfect "snap" at your girl friends that does a great play on "HO,HO,HO". I'm sure you can guess that one! If not go HERE to read it. I'm giggling just thinking about it. There is also a wonderfully sarcastic one for those like me who always forget to give out Christmas cards. It reminds everyone that you finally got your s***  together enough to send cards...LOL. You can see it HERE.  One card is simply titled "Christmas Card but like with cursewords in them"! I'm seriously laughing as I type this! 

Can you tell I love these cards? They seriously are quite tastefully done. They are simple, direct and to the point along with being cute and perfect for the season. To me they aren't over offensive as long as you send them to the right person and we all know who you don't send cards like this to! They aren't "full" of bad words and there are no bad images. I think they are just a little something to lighten up the Christmas season. I love them so much I don't really want to send them to people although I already have my list...LOL

Buy it: You can head on over to OMGseriously and purchase a pack of 10 cards with envelopes for $12. Or you can purchase the variety pack of 3 popular designs (12 cards total)  for $16.

Win it: One lucky, sarcastic person like me, will get the chance to send their own snarky cards! I have a 10 pack sampler of these cards to give away! YAH! This giveaway will begin on October 17 and end on Nov. 2. It is open to the US only. The winner will be chosen via and notified by email. They will then have 48 hrs to respond before another winner is chosen. Just fill out the form to enter. 

Mandatory Entry: Tell me who you would send your cards to. 

Additional Entries:
Remember to fill out the form for each entry!

Disclosure: These cards were provided to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.

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