Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 tips for editing and creating beautiful digital photo projects

Now this is a topic that I always need help on! I recently decided it would be a great idea to get into the whole digital scrpabooking thing! Boy was I in for a treat. I quickly learned that you had to have some real skills to be able to complete projects like that!!! So here's 5 tips that I learned are really important for editing your digital pictures.
  1. Organize your photos. I used to just upload our photos and title the folder photos and the date. I later learned that keywords also help, especially when you are creating things like Christmas cards and you took the pictures in November. You can title it 11/10 (month/year) Christmas. That way when you look for the photos they are easy to find. 
  2. Resize your photos! I'm still not a pro at this one. However, when you use lots of these photo editing programs if your photo is too big it is more difficult to add creative elements. It's easier to work with a photo that is the proper size (I still haven't learned what that is yet). Then you need to do corrections and editing to the photos before you start adding creative elements. 
  3. Practice! I suggest using a free digital photos software program such as picnik. You're able to make simple collages and add creative embellishments to your photos without paying a hefty price for some of those bigger programs out there. Sure it's not as extensive but you can graduate to better and more reasonalbly priced programs like adobe Photoshop elements at a later time. A sample of one of my creations is up top! I know it's not much but hey I tried!
  4. Save your work. I know this sounds obvious but I can't tell you how many times I have become frustrated with creating digital masterpieces only to close the computer and forget to save what I have worked on. Sometimes it's best to start all over. Other times, when you've put a lot of work into what you have done it's best to just cool down and try again later. So SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!
  5. Become a better photographer. Now I know these programs are amazing but they can't fix you! If you take a good picture in the beginning it's a lot easier to create something beautiful then when you take a so-so picture and then have to correct everything!
So what's your tips for creating beautiful pictures? If you want to get rid of unwanted elements in your photo scenes, combine elements from different photos to create the perfect shot or share photos and videos online with family and friends, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9 software can help you achieve these goals!

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