Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is for Moms: Soap Star Canada

Introducing Soap Star Canada, the first store that will be featured for May is for Moms. The owner Vicky describes her store as Gorgeous handmade soap, bath luxuries & beauty treats inspired by feel good neighbourhoods! Vicky's soaps are created from scratch and contain no parabens, sls, harsh detergents, petroleum or synthetic preservatives.

I was ecstatic when Vicky agreed to participate in May is for Moms and sent me an great sample of 5 of her wonderful soaps! I couldn't pick just one!

Here's what I got...sorry for the terrible picture. Still working on those camera skills =)

  • 4 mini bars in:  baywash, the guiding light, Mint Choc Queen Vic, and .the heels
  • One cute little arrow shaped soap in: yonge... & the restless (also my favorite soap
    Each one of the mini bars came with the cutest mini postcards with the soap name and a scenery picture on the front and a description of the soap on the back. And as you can see, the names of the soaps are unique takes on different places, people or even TV shows. Baywatch=baywash. guiding light (soap opera) = guiding light

    My take: I love these soaps. I think my favorite is baywash. It reminds me of the beach. The back of the postcard even brags, "the perfect rescue"! They all smell awesome so they would be perfect to put in a guest bathroom. Although, mint choc queen vic smells like you could eat it so you might want it in the kitchen. =) They also have the most unique colors and designs (more about this in the feature for tomorrow). And my favorite is they don't get really "soapy". They lather just perfectly without turning your hands into big suds like you get with liquid soap. I also have dry skin and I was worried the soap would dry my hands out more because there isn't any added moisturizers (which I normally buy in my soaps). However these soaps were perfect. I did apply non-scented lotion afterwards, but this is routine for me. My kids used the soap and their hands were fine. No dryness at all!They kept smelling their hands too because the scent stays with you for awhile. Ok, I was smelling my hands too. The scents are just too irresistible!

    Buy it: Head on over to Soap Star Canada's Etsy shop and you can purchase some of these soaps! They are already wrapped in cute tissue paper and come with a keepsake postcard, perfect for gift giving! Soaps range in price from $3.50 to $5.00. The mini series (you can pick 3 scents to try out) is only $5.00. Great way to find your favorites! I know I sure did!

    *Discount*: Vicky is graciously offering an awesome discount code to Mommy's Free Time readers in honor of May is for Moms. The code is 'mommy's discount' and it will get you 20% off your order not including shipping costs (will be refunded through paypal). Just type the code in the comments to seller section of your order.This code is good for the entire month of May.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for more on Soap Star Canada...including a focus on some of the scents and two other special products she has in her store. If you can't wait until tomorrow, go NOW and check out Soap Star Canada.

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    1. I love the way SoapStar names her soaps and the postcard idea is such an original! (Not sure if the kitchen is the best place for the chocolate mint if it smells as yummy as it sounds LOL!)


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